Aspiring Writer… That’s ME!

It’s been my dream to one day, be able to publish a story or book that everyone would enjoy. Recently, I’ve come up with an idea regarding a fictional land, where Disney princesses aren’t what you would expect them to be, and not all of them have a happy ending. The main character who is named Kisa, has just recently been exiled after the death of her parents, the King and Queen of Estacre, all because of her power-hungry aunt. The story will provide exciting adventures, characters you can relate to immensely, and a fictional landscape in which you can escape to during stressful times. Posted below is an excerpt of what I have so far, and I hope you enjoy. Further advances will be discussed later on.



Everyone knew the power of the crown(s). From the curve of the codazic, a valuable gold crystal, to the amethyst gems fastened on the delicate spikes, they were a sight to look at. They also grant the king or queen unique powers which were to be used for the good of the Kingdom of Estacre. Petals rained from the sky and the cries as mighty as those going into battle were seen and heard as the crown settled on the head of the new ruler. Their purpose is to bring joy to their people and once they were unable to continue, they would pass one of the crowns down to their eldest child. So now, comes the story of King Aimery and Queen Reina who had two daughters. The eldest, Katherine, took after her parents and greeted everyone with a smile. She was the ideal princess, the one who captured every Charming’s heart. However, her younger sister Daeva was the complete opposite.

Anyone could see something was… off with the princess when she was a young child. With her raven-black hair, calculating eyes, and a sneer for a smile, she stood out from the rest of the royal family. The king had butterscotch-colored hair while the queen had silky blond hair. Katherine resembled her two parents, already looking like the country’s future ruler while her younger sister was left seething on the side, her destiny supposedly mapped out the second she was born: the chief adviser to her future queen, which one may receive such a role with honour. However, she yearned for true power and greatness, something that being an adviser wouldn’t fulfill. The wanting manifested like ice spreading from a single touch of Jack Frost, but it seemed to seep into her already cold heart instead of gliding over a glass window. So with that said, she knew what she had to do, but it would take time.

So, she planned out everything, down to the last detail. She now had an army to her liking, strong formidable beasts who only cared about getting blood on their hands and Shadow Demons who only wanted to conquer souls. It had taken years and her sister had gotten married in the process, to Prince Alexander who would be the future king of Estacre. Daeva set down the pearl-handled brush as she stared at herself in the mirror. She was met with cold, hard eyes and vivid bright lips which held an abundance of secrets.

“Soon,” she said. “Just a little bit longer and my time will come.” A cackle erupted from her and filled the dark hallways as the grandfather clock struck 12:00.

Chapter One:

Kisa closed her book with a sigh, as she leaned back in her chair and stared out the window. It was a beautiful day outside and yet she had wasted it, studying the different types of powers she could get when she ascends the throne. Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door.

“Your majesty, your mother requests for your appearance in her bedroom.”


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