Androids, Fairy Tale Characters, Lunar Queen, Oh My!

Okay story fanatics, it’s time to introduce my favorite book series EVER! Drumroll please! *ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum*


The Lunar Chronicles is a fantasy science fiction series containing romance, action packed scenes, and dystopian and utopian worlds. There are 5 main books and 1 that contains a series of short stories relating to the different characters. They are mainly about Cinder, a cyborg, and her plot to overthrow an evil Lunar Queen with the help of other fairy tale characters such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rapunzel. They all exist in a world where there androids, cyborgs, and lunar species living together with humans. I highly recommend these series to all you readers out there and comment on what you think about them, whether you liked them or not! I’ll be posting reviews on each individual books as well as discussing theories or how I hoped they would’ve ended instead. Until next time!



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