Daughter: Sister: Savage: Traitor

I know I know, it’s a weird title, but I feel as if it really represents my main character in this sci-fi narrative I wrote last year. Today is the day I’m putting it out there for all you story fanatics to read and maybe even enjoy with your Pumpkin Spice Latte. *wink wink* Am I right Starbucks lovers out there? I would really appreciate any comments as to how I could improve my story because I’m even thinking about writing a sequel. Please do not copy this story and use it as your own because that is unfair to me considering I spent valuable time writing this for you guys. Okay, I’ll stop talking now and let you all get to the narrative. As always, just go where your imagination takes you and new worlds will reveal themselves. See you all soon!


Daughter: Sister: Savage: Traitor

It was a day, a normal day. Her name was Selene Kisa Alair and she led an average life anyone would expect or yearn for. It was her birthday that Monday and her parents treated her to dinner at a restaurant. However, they didn’t entirely focus on her, more on the conversation over quantum physics theories with their best friend. His name was Professor Alden and he worked at GenTech, but his position there was unknown. The only good thing that came out of that night was that she was able to talk to Alden’s son, Aston, who was her best friend since childhood. A hand suddenly squeezed her shoulder. She turned and met her mother’s eyes, knowing it meant they were leaving.
They stepped out into the darkness, since it was only 12:00 A.M. The streets were dimly lit, with hover cars parked around. It was an era of technology ever since a person by the name of Alexander Athier started inventing amazing technological pieces such as hovercars, tech wardrobes, and many more. They started to walk home and began to cross the street. They barely reached halfway when suddenly, the bright lights of a vehicle came hurtling forward. Nothing had ever been so clear before, yet she knew she couldn’t avoid it. Selene was right behind Aston and by instinct, she shoved him forward. Only a moment interjected in time before she felt the impact. Hard, Surprising, Painful. It was all she could think of before her vision darkened and every sense left her body.
Noises. They’re muffled and a bright light seems to penetrate her eyes. She blinked not once, not twice, but multiple times until her eyes were finally adjusted to it.
“Stay still Selene, you don’t want to exert yourself.”
The familiar voice was no more than a memory before she fell unconscious once again. Her eyes cracked open, expecting the harsh white light. However, it didn’t exist here. She was in a room, the door closed, and the lights completely off. She tried to sit up, clutching the sheets of the bed she was on. Every part of her body hurt, every time she moved, she was met with searing pain.
“What happened,” she murmured. “What is wrong with me?”
Tentatively, she set her feet down on the ground, but had only taken one step before it hit. She cried in agony, collapsing as she heard the door slam open. “Selene!”
They helped her to the foot of the bed where she sat, her head back as she met the worried eyes of Aston. She was about to comment when he put a hand over her mouth.
“Please let me explain. You’re alright Selene, but you suffered many injuries, to the extent where there was almost no way of saving you. You even died for a few minutes. However, father has managed to resurrect you, but at a price…”
He didn’t need to say anything else. She knew what she was now as soon as she saw her hand disappear and then reappear again in a flash; an artificial human being who’s destined to be hated by society. She’s seen them around before, people sending them glares while their bodies glitch. The chip inserted into their neck keeps them stable, but the wires running through them don’t have a definite secure source, making them glitch. Their capabilities reach those seen in movies and beyond, making them dangerous. Most of them are kept in one building whose families have abandoned them with nobody taking them in. There’s one thing that separates them all; each individual has their own unique gift. For example, one can shapeshift or one could manipulate people.
As if he read her mind, he clutched her hand. “Don’t worry, my father has taken you in as an adopted daughter.”
“What about my parents? Aren’t they like me?”
Aston suddenly turned away, a pained look on his face. No words needed to be said in order for anyone to understand that they’re dead. She sat there until Aston left, until Professor Alden came home, until he looked into her eyes and talked to her; the only word she heard was “manipulation.” The lights off, everyone retired for the night, the room dark as her soul. She shakily stood up and decided to escape into the night. It was frightfully cold, but there she wandered like someone dead until she ended up at a strange park. She slumped on the bench, next to a squirrel who stared at her with frightened eyes. She met those eyes and suddenly it went slack, its vision trained on her, forever wanting to do her bidding until she let it go. Disgusted with the thought, she released her grip on it as it scurried away. Anything and anyone, is prone to suffer beneath the ability, which will cause hatred to grow towards her.
“So, a master of manipulation huh? We could use you. We already have one with this gift, but two? Jackpot.” He grinned as she turned around abruptly, two fang-like teeth protruding out.. “Lance Benoit at your service. I thought I sensed a new Savage among us.” He leaned against a tree near her nonchalantly, his eyes challenging her to tell him not to do so.
“Who… what are you,” she asked skeptically as she rose up. “And what do you mean by Savages?”
“Humans refer to us as Savages, simple as that. They don’t see that we’re blessed with these abilities, these powers. I acquired the gifts to sense people who’ve been modified and teleport. Then, I recruit them to join the fight against humans.” “It’s time to take what’s rightfully ours,” he hissed. “The world belongs to the likes of us, for they have been abusing our people far too long!”
“How do you intend to do that?” Selene clenched her fists, ready to manipulate him and escape as he sauntered to her.
He smirked knowingly, “By killing the GenTech scientists who’ve made us this way first, of course. We’ve already slaughtered a few and their families. As always, I enjoyed snapping their necks,” he whispered menacingly into her ear.
Swiftly, she landed a hard blow onto his cheek, then focused on torturing his mind. His eyes flashed uncertainty before returning to their original state. Glitching, he just spat on the ground, his spit a slight red. With that, he leaped forward, pinning her against a tree with his hand gripping her throat. Overhead thunder boomed and rain poured down, drenching them immediately.
“Don’t test my patience young one,” he growled, rain dripping off his spiky hair. “But I guess it isn’t your fault you didn’t know your abilities wouldn’t work on me, considering I’m the chosen leader for the revolution.”
Selene cringed as he stroked her cheek and lifted her chin up. With a scoff, he stepped aside, and so she dashed off. Lance shouted something incoherent, but the words, “until next time” managed to reached her ears. She burst through the front door, wheezing like a mad person, as water pooled beneath her. However, it attracted the attention of Alden and Aston and the story revealed itself. No words were spoken afterwards, only Alden’s hand clutching Aston’s.
2 years pass by and she’s grown 17 now. Her ability has gotten stronger and more precise as she’s practiced over the years on various creatures and even humans who were away from the public eye. She was also able to change her appearance, a therapy to cease her from smashing the mirror every time she saw her wretched face. Suddenly, an assortment of voices caught her attention, leading her to a small playground. There, she saw a gruesome sight, involving 4 teenage guys surrounded a young pigtailed girl. One clutched a small blue backpack which one can presume belonged to her. The lanky teenagers spat in her face, kicked her in the ribs, not even flinching as she screamed through numerous tears and snot. Suddenly, the eyes of one of the guys landed on her.
“Huh, look at this guys. This Savage is a witness. We can’t let her snitch now can we?”
Chuckling, they sauntered towards her, pocket knives at the ready and fists balled. Only one step separated them from her before she struck, using her full potential to attack the very nerve of their brain. Shrieks ensued. They crumpled like wet paper towels, barely managing to escape with their sanity. Selene kneeled beside and took the young girl into her arms, calming her down.
“Hey, let her go you Savage! Run back to your own kind!”
She didn’t dare look up, not wanting to put the familiar voice to the face she knew she’d see. A hard shove threw her off the girl, wood chips cutting into her as she landed with a grunt. There, Professor Alden and Aston glared at her. The glares morphed into shocked expressions as she dropped her disguise.
“So this is how you think of me? Is this how you’ve always thought of me?!”
She ran, with one destination imbedded in her mind. A hand suddenly grasped her arm.
“Selene… ” Aston hardly whispered the word before she tugged her arm away, as tears threatened to fall.
The park welcomed her sorrows one more time, but this time, she had a choice to make. Her head lowered, she murmured, “Lance…”
Monday. The day that would forever haunt her. She had lulled Alden and Aston into a false sense of security and led them to the couch, where they awaited their fate. Right on time, Lance and other Savages burst in, with two shape-shifting twins not hesitating as they turned into wolves and tore the father and son into bits and pieces. Selene only caught the word “traitor” reflected in Aston’s eyes before she turned and walked away. However, nothing kept her from hearing the guttural screams and howling wolves…
A few months passed, and the body of a 17 year old girl washed up ashore. Cause of death? Suicidal drowning.

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