The Lessons That Live On

As I look to the past, I remember the lesson that was always repeated to me through various quotes. My dear, dead nanny always encouraged me to seize what’s mine, for I deserve the world. Of course, she was skilled in taking what she wanted, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she ripped it off some of her sayings from famous poets. Nevertheless, I had always taken her word for it, seeing as she was the CEO of a major tech company, Light Moon. They made an assortment of items, ranging from some of the best security devices to holographic gaming. I swear it was every kid’s dream to have finally gotten their hands on the new Yu-Gi-Oh games, as if there wasn’t enough violence in the world already. However, it caused Light Moon to grow at a global scale, and soon, it became known by everyone. Poor grandpa, he never liked technology, only opting for a family business that would specialize in making board games. It seems grandma had bigger plans though.


photo Kevin Jarrett 2012© (CC BY 2.0)

Grandma conquered the business world, and I remember being given several companies of my own. “Just a small gift for you darling.” It’s what she always said, even though I didn’t get to run them on my own yet. I was underaged, so I had hired managers helping me with that. Even in my adolescent stage, I was getting a taste of what power felt like and when I confessed to grandma, she only smirked and looked away. “This is only a taste of the victories and success you’ll be experiencing my love. Soon, you’ll want more, and more you’ll get if you follow my advice.”


photo Moyan Brenn 2012© (CC BY 4.0)

My love for grandma only grew stronger as the years went by, seeing as she was the only one there for me, especially after mom and dad died. My father had lung cancer and it was only a matter of time before he saw the white light, seeing he smoked 2 packs a day. Meanwhile, my mother’s undying love for her husband only weakened her, causing her to die shortly after due to heartbreak. Grandma took me in after that, and by being beside her, I began to understand more about the business world. I started making my own deals and negotiations soon after, using my companies as leverage to further strengthen them and grandma’s. It wasn’t a surprise before I became the Vice President of Light Moon, the step of the ladder that was just underneath grandma’s. I admit, I wanted her position more than ever, but how could I do that? She was family.


photo Aaron 2005© (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

“Remember dear, nobody can stop you from getting what you want. Nobody.”

“Nobody grandma?”


Nobody? I questioned this excessively because I knew what I wanted to get my hands on, but it would come at a very high price. What if I’m the one holding myself back? Then again, grandma said that personal weaknesses


photo Fredrik Alpstedt 2014© (CC BY-NA-SA 2.0)

would only hinder an individual, so I had to learn how to get rid of mine. How could I argue? Grandma transformed Light Moon from a weak company when grandpa was in control, to the empire that it is today. She must’ve gotten rid of some of her personal weaknesses in order to do so.


So, are you proud of me grandma? The advice you told me was taken and I found myself to be surrounded by success. Of course, I do admit feeling a twinge of pain whenever I’m reminded about your death. It only makes me feel slightly worse that it was due to me. It’s quite sad how you always drank strong bourbon, since it only served to mask the taste of the poison.


photo Sami Keinänen 2005© (CC BY-SA 2.0)

However, the pain that I feel deep within my heart can easily fade away when I see the money floating in my pool, along with the women. If you can hear me grandma, I hope you’re content with how it all ended up. Now it’s my turn to give advice to the young kids out there, to which I say treasure your love, but treasure your money even more.


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