Aspiring Writer – Take #2

Hey story fanatics! This post is both a remake and an update on my first post ever (titled Aspiring Writer). In that, I briefly went over my dreams in creating a novel and that dream is still as passionate and alive as ever. When thinking more about how I wanted my storyline to flow, I realized that the setting of the coronation should be part of the prologue. Therefore, I decided to add more to the previous one I had posted. Be sure to comment down below any thoughts or recommendations :->

Hope you enjoy! Oh and always go where your imagination takes you and new worlds will reveal themselves! Thank you!

Memories of A Lost Flight


Everyone knew the power of the crowns. From the curve of the codazic, a valuable black crystal, to the amethyst gems fastened on the delicate spikes, they were a sight to look at. They also granted the king or queen unique powers which were to be used for the good of the Kingdom of Estacre. Petals rained from the sky and cries as mighty as those going into battle were seen and heard once the crown settled on the head of the new rulers. Their purpose was to bring joy to their people and once they were unable to continue, they would pass one of the crowns down to their eldest child. Then came the story of King Aimery and Queen Reina who had two daughters. The eldest, Katherine, took after her parents and greeted everyone with a smile. She was the ideal princess, the one who captured every Charming’s heart. However, her younger sister Daeva was the complete opposite.

Anyone could see something was– off with the princess when she was a young child. With her raven-black hair, calculating eyes, and a sneer for a smile, she stood out from the rest of the royal family. The king had butterscotch-colored hair while the queen had silky blond hair. Katherine resembled her two parents, already looking like the country’s future ruler while her younger sister was left seething on the side, her destiny supposedly mapped out the second she was born: the chief adviser to her future queen, which one may receive such a role with honour. However, she yearned for true power and greatness, something that being an adviser wouldn’t fulfill. The wanting manifested like ice spreading from a single touch of Jack Frost, but it seemed to seep into her already cold heart instead of gliding over a glass window. So with that said, she knew what she had to do, but it would take time.

She planned out everything, down to the last detail. She now had an army to her liking, strong formidable beasts who only cared about getting blood on their hands and Shadow Demons who only wanted to conquer souls. It had taken years and her sister had gotten married in the process, to Alexander, a once mere baker, who would then become the future king of Estacre. Daeva set down the pearl-handled brush, staring at herself in the mirror. Cold, hard eyes. Vivid bright lips that held an abundance of secrets.

“Soon,” she said. “Just a little bit longer and my time will come.” A cackle erupted from her and filled the dark hallways as the grandfather clock struck 12:00.

Kisa closed her book with a sigh, leaning back in her chair to stare out the window. It was a beautiful day outside and yet she had wasted it, studying the different types of powers she could get when she ascends the throne. Suddenly, she heard a knock at the door.

“Your Highness, your mother requests for your appearance in her bedroom.”

Kisa looked up to see Lila, her personal maid, with her hands folded in front of her. She had a sweet smile, yet her eyes looked weary and Kisa knew exactly why. Lila has been around since she was little and has been one of her closest companions, yet she knew taking care of baby Kisa wasn’t the least stressful job in the world.

“Can’t it wait until later Lila? I wanted to go outside before it got too late.”

“Afraid not Your Highness, you know how your mother is, especially since your birthday and coronation are nearing.”

Kisa rolled her eyes, hastily slipping her heels on. She exited her room, making sure to sweep her dress in front of her before locking the door. She set out towards her parents’ bedroom with Lila who, unlike other maids, walked right beside her. She had only reached the portrait of her grandmother, when she paused and looked at the person who could’ve been her reflection. Her grandmother and her grandfather had passed away before she was born due to strange synchronized heart attacks. Suddenly, she felt an arm nudge her in the side.

“Come now Your Highness, no need to admire how beautiful you are now.”

Kisa smiled and continued onward. Her 16th birthday and official coronation were coming soon and it was to be a historic moment, for the Royal Blacksmith had made another crown 10 years ago. However, it was all she knew, along with the rest of the kingdom. Even her parents didn’t know what it looked like, for the Goddess of Estacre was the one in possession of it. The Goddess was the founder of the 6 elemental skills, where they resided within the rulers. However, these skills weren’t passed down throughout the generations and right now, only 6 out of 7 of the rulers had the elemental skills. The one kingdom that didn’t have it currently was Estacre, the kingdom of humans. Therefore, when the skill of the first king did not pass down to his children in Estacre only, the Goddess came up with the idea of making the crowns out of crystals she had come to possess thousands of years ago. For now, she remained in the human kingdom to protect the humans when needed, in a hidden location and for all Kisa knew, she used the remaining of her gems to allow for Esatcre to have a third crown.

It took a while, but Kisa finally managed to reach her mother’s room, but already, her feet ached to be in her sneakers, running through the forest. Two guards stationed outside her mother’s door bowed deeply before turning the door handle and exposing her to the cold air that awaited inside.

“Good luck Your Highness. I’ll be waiting out here for you.”

With that, Kisa was left to enter the room alone, and she instantly regretted not bringing her coat as she saw a snowflake touch her nose. “Ah you finally came my dear.”

She stared at the twinkling snowflakes floating around the room, then back at her silver-haired mother who was unfazed by the cold. She crossed the room and grabbed Kisa by her hands, bringing her to the vanity. Cupping her face, her mother crouched and laid her head on Kisa’s shoulder, admiring the few similarities they share. Despite Kisa looking more like her grandmother, there were still similarities between mother and daughter, and the Queen relished in that.

“Tomorrow’s your official coronation my sweet. Do you feel ready? Please tell me you read the books I gave you.”

“Yes mother I did,” Kisa answered, watching her mother’s expression morph from being relieved to suspicious.

“You read them, but did you finish them.” Her eyes pierced into Kisa’s, hoping to find an answer through them. It was almost if she was hoping for Kisa to say no just to gain a chance to reprimand.

“Of course mother.”

Rolling her eyes, Kisa stood up and crossed the room, leaning against the glass-paned window. Beneath, she could see the decorations being set up as Louise, the palace’s event planner, barked orders at the struggling servants. Ahead, she could see two paths, one lined with cobblestone while the other was a simple dirt path. The cobble-stoned one led to the market square and beyond that, the city, while the dirt path led to the forest Kisa had grown to love. If one were to delve deep enough, they would hit the border, a 50 mile meadow that eventually led to the Kingdom of Rosaden. That was where she yearned to be. Not just Rosaden, but all the other kingdoms as well. There were countless, but she’s never stepped outside of Estacre, under her parent’s rule that she would have to obtain her skill first. Of course, she understood that it was her own safety. After all, if something did go wrong, she’d be the defenseless mortal in that situation.

“Wonderful is it not?” asked her mother as she glided over to Kisa. “Soon, all the citizens of this kingdom will fill that courtyard and they’ll be ecstatic for you! My daughter is finally getting her skill!”

Suddenly the door knocked and Kisa’s father strode in, his face beaming, yet his posture speaks of that a king. Her mother glided up to him, where both shared a kiss as they looked lovingly into one another’s eyes. However, they soon returned their sights on her, her mother’s giddiness replaced with proudness in her eyes. The same applied to her father, yet his hands were still behind his back and not placed on the small of her mother’s back as usual.

“Kisa, as you know your mother and I are very proud of you,” her father said, with a regal tone. “Therefore, we thought we would get you something.”

With that, her father brought out a small gift box, wrapped with elegant ribbons. As soon as she received it, she tenderly opened it, only to come to face with a faded pink crystal necklace laced with codazic. A gold chain was attached to it, and the sight of it brought both wonder and confusion to Kisa’s eyes.

“It’s beautiful father, but what is it? Why does it have codazic around it?”

“Well, the Goddess of Estacre gifted me this necklace when you were just born, along with the rest of the codazic of course.” Her father shook his head slightly, trying to remember where he was supposed to be heading with the explanation. “Anyway, she asked me to present this to you any day before the coronation, and I decided today was the day.”

“Yes darling, the Goddess will grant you with yet a second skill tomorrow,” her mother said, slipping the necklace around Kisa’s neck. “There, you look beautiful.”

Kisa glanced down and fingered with the necklace, as she traced the sleek codazic and went over the more uneven surface of the crystal itself. The Goddess was strangely nice towards her, despite Kisa never having actually met her in person– except when she was a baby. However, how could anyone remember what happened when they were a baby?

“Thank you mother. Thank you father. If there isn’t anything else, will you excuse me? I believe I need some fresh air after being inside all day.”

“Of course honey. Your father and I need to make sure tomorrow’s arrangements are going well anyway.” They stepped out the door, her mother’s snowflakes billowing about the train of her gown.

Kisa stared out into the courtyard one last time before she exited the room herself, heading towards her room. Lila, without question accompanied her back, seeing it was her job to. Sweet Lila, she never complained about anything when dealing with Kisa, not even when Kisa blamed her for multiple frivolous antics she participated in as a child. Of course, her parents knew who was rightfully guilty, even before having heard Kisa’s explanation.

Kisa immediately shed her dress the moment she reached her room. Lila, reading her mind, reached for a pair of black jeans and a black top with a cape attached to the back of it. She hurriedly put it on, wanting to spend time outside before the sun set, which would be soon. Once she grabbed her bow and sword, she tried to rush out the door. Unfortunately, a hand held her back and she felt Lila, brushing back her hair the best she could.

“If you’re going to head out Kisa, at least try to look presentable.”

She huffed out a sigh, blowing a piece of her bangs upward, only for it to fall limply onto her face. She felt Lila tugging her hair tightly into ponytail, and it didn’t take long for her to be done, but it was long enough in Kisa’s opinion. The minute she felt Lila’s hand release her hair, she dashed out of the room. “Thanks Lila!” she yelled, already reaching a quarter to the castle doors.

The evening air welcomed her as she finally decided to slow down. She was always fascinated by the courtyard, and this time, the decorations hanging above the hedge sculptures brought the scenery to life even more so than usual. Suddenly, she felt a hand covering her eyes, with the other pulling her close to their figure. Before she could scream though, a familiar voice whispered, “Now just where is Your Highness running off to without her partner?”

“Well, I’m known for flying solo, so I don’t know what you’re talking about sir?”

She felt their hand slip from her eyes, only for their other to spin her around, where her eyes met his deep blue ones as their foreheads rested against each other’s. “I take offense to that Kisa.”

“Aw calm down Sir Kaleo, I’m only joking. Of course, I need a knight-in-training by my side for all the adventures I go on.”

He kissed her on the forehead. “You better mean that Kisa,” he murmured.

He removed his hand from her back, slipping it into her hand instead, while leading her into the forest. With her heeled boots helping, she laid her head on his shoulder. She didn’t quite remember how they had forged a relationship, but she didn’t complain. It was easier for them compared to most people, especially since they had grown up together in the castle. Kaleo’s father was her father’s right in command, and she remembered both of them causing mischief when they were left to explore the castle. Now, he was training under his father’s order, hoping to become a knight like his old man. She was proud of him, and she was proud of them for maintaining their bond, even if their class status differed greatly. A crown princess to a mere knight. One with powers to one without the chance of acquiring any. But still, they were together.

“Hey, you seem to be in deep thought today Kisa? Anything wrong?” He tilted his head and looked worriedly at her, something she thought made him look adorable.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about the celebration tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. Everyone will love you as they do now. Besides, your skills will be great, I’m sure of it.” He looked towards the forest again, making sure they were free of any danger, especially from the creatures that made their home here. The dusty dirt ground slowly began to give way to luscious tall grass as they reached the meadow creating the border between Estacre and Rosaden. Kaleo led her to a spot surrounded by flowers, more so than the others. Together, they viewed the bright orange and yellow streaks across the sky.

“You know Kisa, I wonder if we’ll get these chances to watch the sunset together again. I mean, with you becoming crown princess and all, and having to train with your powers.” He buried his face into the small of her neck and wrapped both of his arms around her waist.

Kisa turned slightly, reaching up to stroke his cropped platinum blond hair. Kaleo’s thoughts represented her own, yet she couldn’t muster up any strength to truly talk about it. She loved their moments together, and just the thought of being separated from Kaleo, even if it wasn’t forever, was disheartening. They both haven’t told their parents they were seeing each other yet either, both agreeing to do so when the time was right Their plan was at the banquet after the commemoration, where they would be together with the others gathered around.

“I love you Kisa,” he whispered, breaking her thoughts, but she couldn’t think of a better phrase to be distracted by.

“I love–”

Suddenly, they heard a snap behind them, and with a flash, both had unraveled themselves from each other and hopped to their feet, their swords extended. In front of them, a red-eyed beast stood in front of them, where it reached no more than an inch above Kaleo. However, the fangs that protruded from its slobbering mouth and its massive paws that had gruesome claws growing from it, definitely presented it as a threat.

“Heads up Your Highness,” Kaleo warned, his face grim and concentrated as the beast slowly lumbered towards them.

Without warning, it started to charge, its direction veering to the left, towards Kisa. It reached out, where it brought its curled hand towards its chest, and then released it. With little time to react, she felt the breath knocked out of her when its fist connected to her body, and when she landed on the ground after flying across 5 feet.

Seeing Kisa being struck down enraged Kaleo, but still, the beast barreled towards her. However, he could tell she was still recovering from the shock, and she was in no condition to be attacked another time. “Kisa watch out!”

He rushed towards her herself, but there was no way he would be able to reach her before the beast did. Reaching down, he swiftly grabbed her fallen sword. Just as his fingers wrapped around the handle, he heard a guttural howl.


He looked up, expecting to see the worst. What surprised him though, was that the beast was the one who was rearing its head, baying in pain while Kisa held her bow with a hand pulled back, an indication that she had shot an arrow. While closing the distance towards the beast, a second arrow struck its face, bringing out another pained howl from it.

Kaleo leaped upwards, landing atop a hunched mass of black and red fur. Without a second thought, he dug both swords into it, one buried in its neck and the other, its head. With a feeble whine, the demonic beast collapsed, just as he yanked out the sword, with dark red (close to black) blood dripping down the blade.

For a moment, Kaleo forgot his other objective while he attempted to regain his breath, until he glanced over to see Kisa hoisting herself up with her bow. Oh Sol.

He rushed towards her, gently bringing her upright, as she leaned against his chest. Her breathing was shallow, and Kaleo could hear a faint wheezing behind it. A closer inspection revealed a blooming bruise near her lip. “Are you okay? Can you walk back?”

“Yea, I’m alright. Just a bit out of breath.”

Kisa watched as Kaleo let go of her, bending down to wipe the blood from the swords. She straightened out her attire, hoping to brush away the dirt and anything else that would make people suspect something had occurred.

“Kisa? It’s time to head back.”

She stared at the sword Kaleo was handing her for a longer time than anyone could deem necessary, before she realized that it was her’s. Quickly sheathing it, she turned towards the path they came from, and began sauntering back. Of course, Kaleo was there to steady her at all times.

“Hey Kaleo, let’s not inform our parents about any of this?” A raised eyebrow was his response, a way of asking without speaking on his end. He would always get silent when they encountered something that put Kisa’s life in danger. “Hear me out Kal. Mother and father are already stressed out enough with the upcoming coronation. I don’t want to further worry them. Besides, it was only one beast.”

He offered no response except for a nod once she was done. Despite that, any thoughts of anger that might be coming from him evaporated when he pulled her closer.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, with Kaleo keeping up on his end of the promise by remaining silent about the incident. Even though the moon had risen high above the night sky, Kisa was still finding it difficult to sleep. The thought of finally receiving her skill and the day’s events still ran through her mind.

Will her skill be one that she likes? Will it be the more powerful ones or the weaker ones? What was the creature that had attacked them today?

Before she knew it, she had donned on a long mandarin robe over her nightgown and stepped into the long, dark hallway. She needed to pace her worries away. The moon’s light casting through the glass paned windows created an eerie effect, especially when it landed on a raven-haired woman wearing a feathered robe, whom Kisa knew as her beloved aunt.

“Aunt Daeva, wait up!”

The figure paused slightly, as Kisa made her way to her. Her aunt truly looked elegant in the night, but she rarely stepped out of her room during the morning, despite being her mother’s chief advisor. Her best guess was that Aunt Daeva felt connected to the night due to her lunar construct ability. She was the first to have acquired such a skill, where it was immeasurably powerful, close to being considered an elemental skill.

“What brings you out here Kisa?” Her aunt’s voice smooth voice almost seemed hypnotizing, equivalent to waves gliding over a pearl, wearing it down slowly.

“I couldn’t sleep. I’m slightly nervous about tomorrow.”

“I’m sure you’ll make your parents and the citizens proud.” Kisa glanced up every so often to study her aunt, whose face continued to be emotionless. She never saw her much and it felt nice to talk to her.

“Where are you going Aunt Daeva?”

“Just another walk around the courtyard. I suggest you don’t follow me though. There may be trouble and you don’t have your skill yet.”

“Very well then. If you’ll excuse me Aunt.”

Kisa halted as she watched her aunt continue on until she reached the castle doors, where Kisa then turned around and made her way back to her own room.

“Kisa dear, it’s time to wake up.”

Kisa opened her eyes to the blinding sunlight, where Lila was still opening up the curtains surrounding the room. She adjusted her eyes to the brightness, sitting up to view Lila holding out a floor-length, strapless gown.

“Up and at them Your Highness, today’s the day.”

Groaning, she stood up, allowing for Lila to wash, dress her, and fix her hair. After sitting still for a grueling hour for her hair to be done in a rather fancy updo, she finally got a chance to look at herself in the mirror. She truly did look like her grandmother in her portrait, with her hair and makeup properly done. Reaching across the vanity, she grabbed the crystal necklace and laced it around her neck.

Behind, her bedroom door opened up, where Kisa could see that it was her parents through the reflection of the mirror. She spun around and ran into both of their arms, seeking comfort and approval. Her mother outstretched her arms, pushing her daughter back to inspect her from a distance. Without a word, she smiled and Kisa could see a hints of tears forming in the corners of her mother’s eyes.

“Pardon me Your Majesties and Your Highness, but the coronation is commencing soon,” informed Kaleo’s father, standing upright in his fresh-pressed uniform with Kaleo beside him.

Kisa’s father wrapped an arm around her mother’s waist, leading her out of the room. Kisa gave Lila a quick hug and followed behind, being sure to walk in what she hoped was a regal manner. Walking past the windows allowed her to view the enormous crowd gathered in the quad underneath. It overwhelmed Kisa, and suddenly she found her dress suffocating.

It took longer than expected for them to reach the balcony where the royal family would be standing. Aunt Daeva was surprisingly awaiting them, her face stoic despite the special occasion. However, when Kisa drifted past her, she detected a sarcastic smirk as her aunt looked down onto her.

The warm sunlight welcomed her, but the deafening cheers made it slightly less enjoyable. She was honored for the citizen’s respect and belief in her, but she never liked having her actions restrained for the public image. Around her, the assorted cheers morphed into one chant: Princess Kisa!

She strode to the center edge of the balcony, her parents on either side of her. Her father started off the ceremony by raising his hand, which immediately silenced the crowd. However, he didn’t speak, but instead, placed his hand back to his side and stared up towards the sky. Everyone followed suit, including Kisa, who suspected the Goddess was to come soon.

A moment later, a bright star-like object flashed through the sky towards the spectators and hosts. Kisa quickly turned away, the intense light causing another headache and a swift bout of nausea.

It was until she could render darkness behind her closed eyes, that she dared to open them.

“Oh my sol.” In front of her was the Goddess of Estacre herself, with delicate wings sprouting from her back and white shimmering hair sweeping side to side. Her gentle eyes met Kisa’s and she flew towards her with grace similar of a butterfly. Her hands outstretched, a swirl of white light formed around it, and a draped crown manifested from it when they cleared up.

“Princess Kisa Auclair Laurel. Today marks the day you will turn 16 and receive your skill, completing the process of rightfully becoming the Crown Princess of Estacre. With this crown comes the responsibility of protecting your people and maintaining the unity among the kingdoms. With your necklace, comes a personal gift from me, a second skill that will come to based on you. Your personality. Your actions. Everything.”

She ended the elaborate speech by draping the crown over Kisa’s head, in which the moment she did so, Kisa could catch a glimpse of her necklace glowing. Suddenly, a pain overcame her, causing her to grip the railing besides her. Almost doubling over, she saw swirls of bright light, similar to that of the Goddess’ earlier, forming beneath her. Slowly, she felt herself being lifted up towards the sky, her grip released from the railing and now moved to the skirt of her dress.

White flashed appeared in her vision, the people underneath now blurred and her own screams muted to her ears. She didn’t know whether the crowd was still cheering, or if it was the constant ringing in her ears. Everything burned, from her shoulder blades to her feet themselves.

Suddenly, her vision grew completely black, replaced with a strong and powerful sensation as it flooded throughout her bones. She felt something sprout from her back and energy emerging from her fingertips. It was the feeling where she could rule the world right then had she desired so.

She shut her eyes, welling them to open with her remaining energy, hoping that she could finally see again. Beneath her, she saw a multitude of gaped mouths, with only the Goddess looking towards her with admiration. Kisa desperately looked around, wanting to find a way to descend, but that was the moment she saw them– White feathered wings.

“How– how is this possible?”

Her eyes darted to the other side, where she was met with the same result. A look at her hands amazed her further, with wisps of white light spiraling around them. Unexpectedly, cheers erupted from the ground once again, with the Goddess, making her way to Kisa.

“No! You fools! This wasn’t supposed to happen! Kisa looked down to see her aunt quaking, her face contorted with unflattering rage. She screamed, a blanket of darkness enveloping her, until what was left was a dark-winged woman, who would have been radiant were it not for the constant darkness encircling her. In the opposite direction, a shriek pierced her ears, where a woman pointed to the forest. From it, emerged an army of beasts, many similar to that to the one she and Kaleo had fought the previous day.

As if today was decided for emotions to conflict one another, a wicked chortle came from her aunt as she flew over to the army, floating above the center of them all.

“Katherine! Ever since I was born, my destiny was to receive nothing! I was always in your shadow! And now you–” Her pale finger pointed towards Kisa at the moment the Goddess arrived besides her, resting a hand upon her shoulder.

“You little wretch. You don’t deserve the power of Light, not after what your parents have done to me! I should be the most powerful.” A dark smile crossed her face, her eyes closed for a second until they opened up, filled with manic. “No worries though, for I now have the skill of the dark. Thanks to a certain deal I made, I’m now one of the most powerful of them all and I certainly don’t need some stupid codazic!”

She rose higher, dark spheres forming underneath her palms. “It’s time. To destroy you Katherine, and you dear wretched Kisa. I hardly doubt you’ll be able to strike back with your inexperience. Now my beasts, attack!”

With a familiar guttural howl, her aunt’s creatures charged towards the castle. Chaos commenced in all directions, and frightened screams pierced through the air. Kisa saw a bright flash in the direction of the castle, prompting her to look in the direction of it. Before she knew it, her parents burst through the light, transformed into warrior-like apparel.

“Guards!” her father boomed. “Attack!”

Without hesitation, her parents leaped from the balcony and joined the ensuing battle, her father manipulating strands of electricity and her mother, shards of ice. They directed it to the surrounding creatures, death befalling many with one blow.

“Princess Kisa we must get you out of here.”

She turned around, forgetting that the Goddess was behind her during all this. “But we have to help! I can’t stay up here forever–”

If she had something else to say, it would have to fight its way out when she saw a sight that silenced her. There, amidst the horde of bodies, swords, and knights, she spotted the one individual she wished wasn’t involved. “Kaleo!”

Kaleo glanced up to see Kisa above him, desperately reaching out, as if she could touch his hand if she believed so. He was about to return her name, to will her to safety, but then, he felt a hard force slam into his body. He slammed into the base of the castle, red drops dripping onto the ground from an multiple sources on his upper body. It raised its paw to strike again, but this time, Kaleo didn’t have a weapon to defend with. Instead, he screwed his eyes shut and accepted fate.

Perhaps it was the shock. Maybe her powers had kicked in. Whatever it was, she found herself besides Kaleo with a despairing cry resonating around the area. A burning rage flowed through her bones, and before she knew it, daggers of pure light spanned across her. With a flick of her hand, they all went flying towards the beast and the others near it, causing all to crumple down instantaneously. She fell against Kaleo, raising him up with newfound strength.


Her breathing heavy, she glanced up to see her parents sprinting in her direction with the Goddess beside, fending off anything that got in their way. Before she could call out– Before she could take a single step to shorten the distance– Kisa felt a beam hit the centerpiece of her crown, and the sky above her opened up to an array of stars with a pair of worried brown eyes in the corner of her vision, where it closed off to complete darkness soon after.

Featured Image – image HypnoArt 2016© (CC0 1.0)



Love For A Minute, Fight For A Lifetime

Do I have to explain the desire? The lust I felt when his kisses traced down my neck?

Do I have to explain the pain that came after? The constant battles that I suited up for even though, the armor chipped away in less than a minute?

“Hey Seraphina! Wait up!”

Elisse was approaching her from behind, her face red from her previous soccer session. Seraphina hesitated for a moment, contemplating on whether she wanted to sprint ahead and tease her later, or spare her. She deserves a break after today though.

“Are you going to Michelle Lee’s party tonight? I heard it was going to be the bomb! All the sports captains are confirmed to be going except you.”

“I don’t know if it’s my type E. Besides, I’m pretty tired from teaching the new freshmen how to throw punches and kicks. I don’t want to risk anymore pain by wearing heels.”

“You don’t have to! You can wear your flats instead! I know you have a whole closet of shoes Ser, don’t lie to me. Now please? Can’t you do it for me just this once? I need a wing girl dude!”

Seraphina looked towards the opposite direction, knowing that if she were to look towards Elisse, she’ll be tempted by her puppy-dog eyes. Even her whining was already getting to her. If anything, she might agree just to get E off her back.

“Fine, I’ll go if you quit bothering me E. Deal?”

“Deal! Yay! But can I help you get ready?”

“No, I can take care of it. Besides, I have homework to do and I can never focus with you.”

With a pout, Elisse stomped off and Seraphina was free to walk home in peace. It was only on Fridays that she got to enjoy this liberty. Her parents had always been so fearful of her getting kidnapped that she was always picked up by her personal limo driver. It was only recently that she got to walk home by herself, but even so, she knew there were hidden security guards around her. Sure, it made her feel safer, but she wasn’t the Queen of Boxing at Miriam High School for no reason. Honestly, she could do a much better job than any of the security guards assigned to her.

“Madame, it’s nice to see you home.”

Kicking off her shoes, she approached what once was her parents’ master bedroom. It has since turned into an altar for them and she promised herself that she would give them the respect and love they deserve even after they crossed the border of light.

“Mom. Dad. I wish you were with me still. It’s been a good day so far, but we’ll see. Dad, the company is doing well and mom, I wish you were here to guide me with your advice. I’ll update you tonight after a party I’m going to. Try not to worry too much.”

Sighing Seraphina stood up, and left for her own bedroom, wincing slightly as she put weight onto her left leg, her weakest point in the ring. The pain and workload tempted her to call Elisse and cancel their date tonight, but she knew she couldn’t disappoint her. After all, Elisse had been her closest friend for the last 10 years.

It was a quarter to seven when she finished her homework, where taking 3 hours for the assignments was an average time span for her. For others, it was god’s speed. Suddenly, her bell chimed, an indication of a text message. Pulling it up, a text from Elisse read: I’m coming to pick you up in 30 minutes! Better be ready Ser… 🙂

“Hey you should let me raid your closet sometime again Ser. Your outfits are the best and you never seem stressed planning them out. They just do the work for you.”

“Keep your eyes on the road E. The last time I was in a car with you, you almost hit a tree.”

“Hey! You promised to never mention that again! Hmph I’d like to see you drive a car one day.”

Just as she finished her sentence, the car screeched to a stop. Ser looked up to see to see flashing lights and the peaks of Michelle’s mansion. Every curb was lined with cars and she could already sense Elisse starting to cuss under her breath. Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the car seat and decided to enjoy the soothing sounds of Elisse’s ranting.

It took about 30 minutes for a parking space to be freed up, and another 10 for them to make it to the entrance of the house. Honestly, Seraphina didn’t mind, it just meant less time socializing with people. As one of the most esteemed individual at the high school, she always finds herself to be at the center of attention, and for once, she wished she got a break from the standards set.

“Seraphina! The Queen of Miriam High ladies and gentlemen!”

She had barely made it through to the bar before the crowd erupted into cheers at the sight and sound of her name announced. E had already gone off in the opposite direction, conversing with the other team captains. All Seraphina wanted though was a nice non-alcoholic drink and a nice corner on the balcony that wasn’t taken up with a couple making out.


– Hey Ser, I found the rest of the soccer team and other sports captains! We’re going out to eat dinner! You’re welcome to join us!

– No thanks

– Okay then! I’m going to dash, and wish me luck on this hunky dude from Frederick High I found! Remember to call your driver to pick you up when you’re done. Ciao!”

Downing her 4th safe mango margarita, she stared out at the night sky for a final time. The stars ahead were so far, yet so near, and when she reached out she felt as though she was one step closer to something meaningful.

“The stars are truly beautiful tonight, don’t you think? There’s so much promise that lies within each of them.”

Seraphina whipped around, meeting the gaze of a black-haired male. From the angle they were standing at, the shadows and balcony lights made it hard for her to make out his face. His green eyes glinted in the night sky, with a delicate smile brushed on his face.

“Do I know you?” She clutched the margarita glass, prepared to strike if she needed to.

He stepped forward where a shaft of light beamed from the moon, allowing her to recognize the figure as Kun Mik. He attended Frederick High, a high school for the guys compared to Miriam’s. He was every girl’s dream, and even for some guy’s. He wasn’t another rich, snobby kid like Michelle, but the heir of a law firm instead. With that, he held more money than Seraphina herself. He was also only 2 points behind Seraphina last time on the final exam and was the captain of the boy’s boxing team. Rumors had always paired the two up together, but this was the first time she got a close look at him.

“Admiring what you see?” he asked with a smirk.

“Keep dreaming boy.”

Seraphina turned to walk back inside, but he instantly grabbed her wrist. She glared at him as he realized his mistake and instantly released her.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted a chance to talk to you. Please forgive me. I only wanted to put a name and picture to an individual. At least spend some time with me, please?”

“If you want, you can escort me to the door, but try a move like that again and I’ll break your wrist.”

“Of course Ms. Wong. I wouldn’t dare cross you. Hey has that ever happened before? I heard someone challenged you once.”

“Yea…she couldn’t walk for two days afterwards though.”

“Hahaha as expected!”

Their conversation lasted much longer than she had expected, seeing as he waited for her until her driver arrived. He even arrived to the point where he could ask for her number without it being awkward. Seraphina smiled to herself as she read over his latest texts, which included a good night with a smiling emoji next to it. Turning off the lamp, she slipped under the covers, thinking that something was surely going to blossom from this.

“And the winners are Seraphina Wong and Kun Mik! Give a round of applause for our representatives for the sibling schools! These two will now face Karell’s and Lilac’s High finalists for the shot at the gold crowns that Miriam and Frederick High now holds. Now everyone, please take a break and the final match will take place half an hour from now.”

Seraphina wiped the sweat dripping down from her face, as she gazed over to Kun who was doing the same thing. The King and the Queen were what they were referred to now. Before Seraphina knew what was happening, she had started a relationship with Kun and now, she was in the final boxing match she would ever compete in for her high school. Soon, it’ll be a boxing college for Kun and her, and a soccer college for Elisse. However, her now magical journey with Kun would still continue on, and she couldn’t wait for her chance to finally experience true love.

“Hey there,” Kun whispered raspily as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “It’s the final match Ser. You ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“And Frederick and Miriam High continues to keep their gold crowns! Congratulations to King Kun and Queen Seraphina!”

With that, the rest of high school blew by as quick as the final match had ended. College began soon afterwards and even that sped by as though time seemed to be skipping instead of walking normally. By now, it was their last week at college. Day by day Kun grew to love her more and she felt herself opening up to him, especially when he saw her parents’ altar. He seemed to be the only one, besides Elisse, to understand her and treat her as a normal human being. Their wealth and social standing never became a topic and Seraphina was extremely content with the way they were. Also, even though they’ve been separated, Seraphina still kept in contact with Elisse and their relationship remained stable and caring all these years.

“Are these your father’s medals?” Kun asked as he investigated the different pins and stars.

“Yea, he was in the military. What was supposed to be his last mission was also the day my mother fell to her heart.” Seraphina stood up and stood beside him, stroking her father’s smiling face, as he cuddled a bundle of a screaming baby.

“Yea… I know how you feel Ser. However, mine were struck down by a drunk driver. It gave me satisfaction when I locked him away, and even more when he was picked on and beaten by his fellow inmates. I know that’s bad, but you can’t blame me.”

“No I really can’t.” She stared at an often beaming face that was now laced with haunted memories.

“Ser, promise me we’ll always be by each other’s side.” He gripped her hand, his eyes still focused on her parents’ belongings.

“I promise you Kun.”

“Ser? Ser? SER!”

She jolted as a hand laid on her shoulder, and was prepared to toss them over her shoulder.

“Whoa hey wait! It’s me honey.”

She stared into the green eyes she had grown to be addicted to. Was it wrong of her to fall in such love so soon? Of course, she didn’t really know. She just wished her mother was still here to give her advice. As she questioned herself, she let go of his hand and smiled apologetically.

“You know, if you had broken my arm, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.” Kun smiled devilishly as he knelt down onto one knee. However, his smug smile morphed into a concentrated frown once his knee hit the cement.

“Darling, just what are you doing?” Just as the last word escaped her mouth, she found herself covering it with both hands as he pulled out a red velvet box.

“Seraphina, you’ve made me the happiest man these past years. You’ve opened my eyes up to a whole new world and you’ve introduced me to a love that I’ve never experienced before. Now I want to save my words for the wedding vows, so all I have to say now is that I love you. Will you marry me?”

3 years… It only took 3 years for everything to change. The first year of their marriage was incredibly wonderful, with the both of them becoming professional boxers, as well as maintaining their other empires. Seraphina had also moved in with Kun, allowing Elisse to take control of her house and staff, though she visited once in awhile to pray at the altar. However, it was that fatal moment during the second year that had forced a new personality to emerge.

“And the former champion Kun Mik has lost his title to Mryan White! The King must give up his crown to a new one in town! All hail Mryan!”

“Mryan! Mryan! Mryan! Mryan! Mryan!”

With that, Kun spiraled down a path no one would have ever predicted, and Seraphina was trapped in the middle of it all. Brandy, whiskey, vodka. It was one or the others that she would smell on his breath when he came home from late nights out. However, there were times when her nose would be too swollen to smell it, as his fist connected with her face. One can be absolutely powerless when their fists have been beaten by metal bats and the butt of a pistol.

“Kun please stop, please.”

“Shut up Seraphina! Shut up or I swear I’ll shoot!.” He continued to down his whiskey bottle, with the other hand holding a gun with blood dripping from the butt of the handle.

“Kun I beg you, come to your senses. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. Don’t you see?! You’re killing yourself!”

In a last ditch attempt, she lunged for his whiskey bottle and tried to wrangle him into submission with her recently healed hands. However, they’ve been fractured and broken so many times that they’ve grown to become weak, and of course she would have to say that they were a result of an accident. She had managed to knock the bottle out of his hand, but found herself spiraling into darkness soon after.

She woke up to what seemed like hours later, only to find him on top of her, staring menacingly with equally dazed eyes as hers.


It was now the third year into their marriage and Seraphina was close to 120 pounds as her stomach was near to its bursting point.

“There there my dear. We’re going to meet aunt Elisse today at the coffee shop. Just relax okay?”

It would be the first time in months she would be able to see her best friend. Kun had been drafted to fight in the war 7 months ago and Seraphina finally found some time to heal. However, the new love of her life reminded her of the burden she carried each day.

“Ser, how are you doing my dear?” Elisse questioned as she carefully embraced Seraphina.

“I’m fine and the baby’s doing alright. She’s been pretty calm. I’ve decided on a name too. What do you think about Stella?”

“I love it! Anyway, it’s time to get to the point to why we’re here darling. Are you committed to this plan? It’s my duty as a friend to help you, but you have to trust me.”

“Yes Elisse, I’ve made a decision. However, you have to promise me something else now. Promise me you’ll beat the bastard at his own game. He’s a great lawyer and I know many that have been going against him for years and haven’t won. This is your first official case, so promise me. PROMISE ME THAT YOU’LL WIN!”


“Push Mrs. Mik, you’re almost there!”

“Come on Seraphina. You’ve felt worse pain than this before. Just get the baby out.”

She glared at the man that once held her heart. He even had the audacity to hold her hand, putting on a play for the hospital staff.

No worries Kun. You can put on this act as much as you want, but you’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough.

“One more push Mrs. Mik!”


“Congratulations Mrs. Mik. You’ve won the right to divorce Mr. Mik and we’ll see to it that you have full custody over your child and he’s sent to prison for life without the possibility of parole. Due to his skills of being a lawyer, he’s released several drug dealers he defended, back onto the streets for large sums of money. Not to mention, he also abused and sexually assaulted you. However, you can finally relax now. You’ve done a great job hanging on and I wish you the best of luck ma’am.”

With tears in her eyes, she shook the hand of the judge and embraced Elisse with all her might. Finally, she would be free to carry out the life she deserved with Stella.

One day Stella, you’ll grow up to understand that everything happened for a reason. However, I hope you learn to love mommy’s company and forget about the man that was with you when I brought you into this world. For now, we can be each other’s strengths.

*vring vring*

Seraphina frowned confusedly at the private number before picking it up. “Hello? You’ve reached Seraphina Mik. How may I help you?”
“Hello Mrs. Mik. This is Officer Meades. I’m terribly sorry to inform you that the nanny you hired, Claire Clie, and your daughter, Stella Mik, have been struck down by a drunk driver when crossing the street. They died on scene…  Hello? Mrs. Mik? Are you still there?”


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