Love For A Minute, Fight For A Lifetime

Do I have to explain the desire? The lust I felt when his kisses traced down my neck?

Do I have to explain the pain that came after? The constant battles that I suited up for even though, the armor chipped away in less than a minute?

“Hey Seraphina! Wait up!”

Elisse was approaching her from behind, her face red from her previous soccer session. Seraphina hesitated for a moment, contemplating on whether she wanted to sprint ahead and tease her later, or spare her. She deserves a break after today though.

“Are you going to Michelle Lee’s party tonight? I heard it was going to be the bomb! All the sports captains are confirmed to be going except you.”

“I don’t know if it’s my type E. Besides, I’m pretty tired from teaching the new freshmen how to throw punches and kicks. I don’t want to risk anymore pain by wearing heels.”

“You don’t have to! You can wear your flats instead! I know you have a whole closet of shoes Ser, don’t lie to me. Now please? Can’t you do it for me just this once? I need a wing girl dude!”

Seraphina looked towards the opposite direction, knowing that if she were to look towards Elisse, she’ll be tempted by her puppy-dog eyes. Even her whining was already getting to her. If anything, she might agree just to get E off her back.

“Fine, I’ll go if you quit bothering me E. Deal?”

“Deal! Yay! But can I help you get ready?”

“No, I can take care of it. Besides, I have homework to do and I can never focus with you.”

With a pout, Elisse stomped off and Seraphina was free to walk home in peace. It was only on Fridays that she got to enjoy this liberty. Her parents had always been so fearful of her getting kidnapped that she was always picked up by her personal limo driver. It was only recently that she got to walk home by herself, but even so, she knew there were hidden security guards around her. Sure, it made her feel safer, but she wasn’t the Queen of Boxing at Miriam High School for no reason. Honestly, she could do a much better job than any of the security guards assigned to her.

“Madame, it’s nice to see you home.”

Kicking off her shoes, she approached what once was her parents’ master bedroom. It has since turned into an altar for them and she promised herself that she would give them the respect and love they deserve even after they crossed the border of light.

“Mom. Dad. I wish you were with me still. It’s been a good day so far, but we’ll see. Dad, the company is doing well and mom, I wish you were here to guide me with your advice. I’ll update you tonight after a party I’m going to. Try not to worry too much.”

Sighing Seraphina stood up, and left for her own bedroom, wincing slightly as she put weight onto her left leg, her weakest point in the ring. The pain and workload tempted her to call Elisse and cancel their date tonight, but she knew she couldn’t disappoint her. After all, Elisse had been her closest friend for the last 10 years.

It was a quarter to seven when she finished her homework, where taking 3 hours for the assignments was an average time span for her. For others, it was god’s speed. Suddenly, her bell chimed, an indication of a text message. Pulling it up, a text from Elisse read: I’m coming to pick you up in 30 minutes! Better be ready Ser… 🙂

“Hey you should let me raid your closet sometime again Ser. Your outfits are the best and you never seem stressed planning them out. They just do the work for you.”

“Keep your eyes on the road E. The last time I was in a car with you, you almost hit a tree.”

“Hey! You promised to never mention that again! Hmph I’d like to see you drive a car one day.”

Just as she finished her sentence, the car screeched to a stop. Ser looked up to see to see flashing lights and the peaks of Michelle’s mansion. Every curb was lined with cars and she could already sense Elisse starting to cuss under her breath. Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the car seat and decided to enjoy the soothing sounds of Elisse’s ranting.

It took about 30 minutes for a parking space to be freed up, and another 10 for them to make it to the entrance of the house. Honestly, Seraphina didn’t mind, it just meant less time socializing with people. As one of the most esteemed individual at the high school, she always finds herself to be at the center of attention, and for once, she wished she got a break from the standards set.

“Seraphina! The Queen of Miriam High ladies and gentlemen!”

She had barely made it through to the bar before the crowd erupted into cheers at the sight and sound of her name announced. E had already gone off in the opposite direction, conversing with the other team captains. All Seraphina wanted though was a nice non-alcoholic drink and a nice corner on the balcony that wasn’t taken up with a couple making out.


– Hey Ser, I found the rest of the soccer team and other sports captains! We’re going out to eat dinner! You’re welcome to join us!

– No thanks

– Okay then! I’m going to dash, and wish me luck on this hunky dude from Frederick High I found! Remember to call your driver to pick you up when you’re done. Ciao!”

Downing her 4th safe mango margarita, she stared out at the night sky for a final time. The stars ahead were so far, yet so near, and when she reached out she felt as though she was one step closer to something meaningful.

“The stars are truly beautiful tonight, don’t you think? There’s so much promise that lies within each of them.”

Seraphina whipped around, meeting the gaze of a black-haired male. From the angle they were standing at, the shadows and balcony lights made it hard for her to make out his face. His green eyes glinted in the night sky, with a delicate smile brushed on his face.

“Do I know you?” She clutched the margarita glass, prepared to strike if she needed to.

He stepped forward where a shaft of light beamed from the moon, allowing her to recognize the figure as Kun Mik. He attended Frederick High, a high school for the guys compared to Miriam’s. He was every girl’s dream, and even for some guy’s. He wasn’t another rich, snobby kid like Michelle, but the heir of a law firm instead. With that, he held more money than Seraphina herself. He was also only 2 points behind Seraphina last time on the final exam and was the captain of the boy’s boxing team. Rumors had always paired the two up together, but this was the first time she got a close look at him.

“Admiring what you see?” he asked with a smirk.

“Keep dreaming boy.”

Seraphina turned to walk back inside, but he instantly grabbed her wrist. She glared at him as he realized his mistake and instantly released her.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted a chance to talk to you. Please forgive me. I only wanted to put a name and picture to an individual. At least spend some time with me, please?”

“If you want, you can escort me to the door, but try a move like that again and I’ll break your wrist.”

“Of course Ms. Wong. I wouldn’t dare cross you. Hey has that ever happened before? I heard someone challenged you once.”

“Yea…she couldn’t walk for two days afterwards though.”

“Hahaha as expected!”

Their conversation lasted much longer than she had expected, seeing as he waited for her until her driver arrived. He even arrived to the point where he could ask for her number without it being awkward. Seraphina smiled to herself as she read over his latest texts, which included a good night with a smiling emoji next to it. Turning off the lamp, she slipped under the covers, thinking that something was surely going to blossom from this.

“And the winners are Seraphina Wong and Kun Mik! Give a round of applause for our representatives for the sibling schools! These two will now face Karell’s and Lilac’s High finalists for the shot at the gold crowns that Miriam and Frederick High now holds. Now everyone, please take a break and the final match will take place half an hour from now.”

Seraphina wiped the sweat dripping down from her face, as she gazed over to Kun who was doing the same thing. The King and the Queen were what they were referred to now. Before Seraphina knew what was happening, she had started a relationship with Kun and now, she was in the final boxing match she would ever compete in for her high school. Soon, it’ll be a boxing college for Kun and her, and a soccer college for Elisse. However, her now magical journey with Kun would still continue on, and she couldn’t wait for her chance to finally experience true love.

“Hey there,” Kun whispered raspily as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “It’s the final match Ser. You ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

“And Frederick and Miriam High continues to keep their gold crowns! Congratulations to King Kun and Queen Seraphina!”

With that, the rest of high school blew by as quick as the final match had ended. College began soon afterwards and even that sped by as though time seemed to be skipping instead of walking normally. By now, it was their last week at college. Day by day Kun grew to love her more and she felt herself opening up to him, especially when he saw her parents’ altar. He seemed to be the only one, besides Elisse, to understand her and treat her as a normal human being. Their wealth and social standing never became a topic and Seraphina was extremely content with the way they were. Also, even though they’ve been separated, Seraphina still kept in contact with Elisse and their relationship remained stable and caring all these years.

“Are these your father’s medals?” Kun asked as he investigated the different pins and stars.

“Yea, he was in the military. What was supposed to be his last mission was also the day my mother fell to her heart.” Seraphina stood up and stood beside him, stroking her father’s smiling face, as he cuddled a bundle of a screaming baby.

“Yea… I know how you feel Ser. However, mine were struck down by a drunk driver. It gave me satisfaction when I locked him away, and even more when he was picked on and beaten by his fellow inmates. I know that’s bad, but you can’t blame me.”

“No I really can’t.” She stared at an often beaming face that was now laced with haunted memories.

“Ser, promise me we’ll always be by each other’s side.” He gripped her hand, his eyes still focused on her parents’ belongings.

“I promise you Kun.”

“Ser? Ser? SER!”

She jolted as a hand laid on her shoulder, and was prepared to toss them over her shoulder.

“Whoa hey wait! It’s me honey.”

She stared into the green eyes she had grown to be addicted to. Was it wrong of her to fall in such love so soon? Of course, she didn’t really know. She just wished her mother was still here to give her advice. As she questioned herself, she let go of his hand and smiled apologetically.

“You know, if you had broken my arm, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.” Kun smiled devilishly as he knelt down onto one knee. However, his smug smile morphed into a concentrated frown once his knee hit the cement.

“Darling, just what are you doing?” Just as the last word escaped her mouth, she found herself covering it with both hands as he pulled out a red velvet box.

“Seraphina, you’ve made me the happiest man these past years. You’ve opened my eyes up to a whole new world and you’ve introduced me to a love that I’ve never experienced before. Now I want to save my words for the wedding vows, so all I have to say now is that I love you. Will you marry me?”

3 years… It only took 3 years for everything to change. The first year of their marriage was incredibly wonderful, with the both of them becoming professional boxers, as well as maintaining their other empires. Seraphina had also moved in with Kun, allowing Elisse to take control of her house and staff, though she visited once in awhile to pray at the altar. However, it was that fatal moment during the second year that had forced a new personality to emerge.

“And the former champion Kun Mik has lost his title to Mryan White! The King must give up his crown to a new one in town! All hail Mryan!”

“Mryan! Mryan! Mryan! Mryan! Mryan!”

With that, Kun spiraled down a path no one would have ever predicted, and Seraphina was trapped in the middle of it all. Brandy, whiskey, vodka. It was one or the others that she would smell on his breath when he came home from late nights out. However, there were times when her nose would be too swollen to smell it, as his fist connected with her face. One can be absolutely powerless when their fists have been beaten by metal bats and the butt of a pistol.

“Kun please stop, please.”

“Shut up Seraphina! Shut up or I swear I’ll shoot!.” He continued to down his whiskey bottle, with the other hand holding a gun with blood dripping from the butt of the handle.

“Kun I beg you, come to your senses. You can’t keep doing this to yourself. Don’t you see?! You’re killing yourself!”

In a last ditch attempt, she lunged for his whiskey bottle and tried to wrangle him into submission with her recently healed hands. However, they’ve been fractured and broken so many times that they’ve grown to become weak, and of course she would have to say that they were a result of an accident. She had managed to knock the bottle out of his hand, but found herself spiraling into darkness soon after.

She woke up to what seemed like hours later, only to find him on top of her, staring menacingly with equally dazed eyes as hers.


It was now the third year into their marriage and Seraphina was close to 120 pounds as her stomach was near to its bursting point.

“There there my dear. We’re going to meet aunt Elisse today at the coffee shop. Just relax okay?”

It would be the first time in months she would be able to see her best friend. Kun had been drafted to fight in the war 7 months ago and Seraphina finally found some time to heal. However, the new love of her life reminded her of the burden she carried each day.

“Ser, how are you doing my dear?” Elisse questioned as she carefully embraced Seraphina.

“I’m fine and the baby’s doing alright. She’s been pretty calm. I’ve decided on a name too. What do you think about Stella?”

“I love it! Anyway, it’s time to get to the point to why we’re here darling. Are you committed to this plan? It’s my duty as a friend to help you, but you have to trust me.”

“Yes Elisse, I’ve made a decision. However, you have to promise me something else now. Promise me you’ll beat the bastard at his own game. He’s a great lawyer and I know many that have been going against him for years and haven’t won. This is your first official case, so promise me. PROMISE ME THAT YOU’LL WIN!”


“Push Mrs. Mik, you’re almost there!”

“Come on Seraphina. You’ve felt worse pain than this before. Just get the baby out.”

She glared at the man that once held her heart. He even had the audacity to hold her hand, putting on a play for the hospital staff.

No worries Kun. You can put on this act as much as you want, but you’ll get what’s coming to you soon enough.

“One more push Mrs. Mik!”


“Congratulations Mrs. Mik. You’ve won the right to divorce Mr. Mik and we’ll see to it that you have full custody over your child and he’s sent to prison for life without the possibility of parole. Due to his skills of being a lawyer, he’s released several drug dealers he defended, back onto the streets for large sums of money. Not to mention, he also abused and sexually assaulted you. However, you can finally relax now. You’ve done a great job hanging on and I wish you the best of luck ma’am.”

With tears in her eyes, she shook the hand of the judge and embraced Elisse with all her might. Finally, she would be free to carry out the life she deserved with Stella.

One day Stella, you’ll grow up to understand that everything happened for a reason. However, I hope you learn to love mommy’s company and forget about the man that was with you when I brought you into this world. For now, we can be each other’s strengths.

*vring vring*

Seraphina frowned confusedly at the private number before picking it up. “Hello? You’ve reached Seraphina Mik. How may I help you?”
“Hello Mrs. Mik. This is Officer Meades. I’m terribly sorry to inform you that the nanny you hired, Claire Clie, and your daughter, Stella Mik, have been struck down by a drunk driver when crossing the street. They died on scene…  Hello? Mrs. Mik? Are you still there?”


Thanks for reading story fanatics and I hope you have a great rest of the week! Also, just go where your imagination takes you and new worlds will reveal themselves!

Featured Image – photo Michelle Robinson 2015© (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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