Emotions. Their voices are heard every day, several at a time, affecting those around you equally. They require special attention, affecting decisions and requiring consultation. Nevertheless, they caused the times when you seemed to lose all hope or contributed to some of your most cherished memories. Let’s explore some together shall we?

It’s been a long day, frustrating to say the least. The screaming, moaning just wouldn’t cease. The mindless mumbling went on, creating an agony within, a throbbing having taken place now.

“Save it… Stop it.” The words were calm at first, but grew louder as the hours went by, the clock’s ticking hands moving ever so slowly, distracted by the darting eyes constantly landing on it.

Suddenly, a throbbing pain disrupted the concentration focused on keeping a list of growing items at bay.

“ELA homework is to edit the video and begin the essay due Wednesday. Maybe that can be started after the 30 problems for math are done. Still, the lesson wasn’t clear. And there’s the fact that the assignment for World History is due tomorrow too…” Again it repeated, and again, and again. Never ceasing.

“When… when will this be done? It can’t go on. Please. Stop.”

“The shower today should only take 10 minutes. Plenty of time to shampoo hair for 5 minutes and dry for 5 too. Okay, yes. Good plan.”

Second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour it grew. The pain manifested into a creature of its own. There was no need for any other emotions besides trying to suppress the madness that came with the worrying.

It went on. The listing, yet the completion of a task left a satisfaction that tasted like a red apple on a hot summer day. It hurt, but it was necessary. An act of survival, the constant fretting. Though at the end of the day, perhaps some of the pressure will have melted away as the tasks get checked off.

The day hadn’t ended, yet it still blew by faster than usual. If cyborg parts were to replace the brain, dopamine level warnings would surely have been triggered. Adrenaline seems to continuously course through the blue tinted veins, a smile worth a thousand moments remaining on chapped lips. If any type of food were to describe this sensation, leave it up to a nice slice of cake. Its sugary sweet frosting coating the roof of the mouth while the spongy cake releases new flavors, all will make one squirm in their seat.

Walk turns into a run, a run turns into a skip, perhaps a twirl will help someone passing by understand this feeling, if not the beaming smile that remains stuck there, through both lipsticked and bare lips. Even surrounding friends realize this energy, and if one wasn’t able to keep up, attention would be focused on them to bring them back up. However, the chance remains for assholes to comment on how they’re being quiet or boring. Remember… choose the former or get out of here… go bother coworkers or something.

So night falls, frantic texts ensue, maybe some emails need to be typed up. However, an urge to do these overpowers anything else, there’s just an abundance of excitement within the body. Even so, there needs to be funny or even punny videos by the side when working, to which the next hour… or 3 will be spent snorting and guffawing. The night’s dinner may not be settling in the stomach, but that doesn’t stop the constant rewind of America’s Funniest Videos or Kermit memes.

“He likes me, he doesn’t like me, he likes me, he doesn’t like me…” On and on, those words are repeated, a lovely rose petal wasted to the floor instead of remaining on the stem, all for the sake of the heart.

Unknown identities to both sides at first, introductions having taken place later when acquainted. Then, conversation takes place, a similar topic having pulled one and the other together, making a grand total of two. Realizing the other’s shared interests, acquaintanceship bloomed into friendship, though acknowledgement hasn’t been too fruitful.

Give it some time, perhaps a year, maybe two, maybe three, but soon, they’ll notice. “Hey there! How are you? It’s been a while since we talked.” Something along those lines will pop up as a message of some sorts. Out of politeness or maybe due to a spontaneous personality, a response will follow. “Hi! I’ve been doing pretty well. How about you?”

So it goes on… and out of curiosity, one will ask the other if they have a crush on someone. A simple answer is the result, the cat slightly out of the bag, with the guessing game then occurring. “So… who is it? Come on tell me.”

Despite all that, hints of flirting seemed to pop up here and there, a few heart stickers included of course. All the guesses of names that could possibly be the crush failed, clues leading up to perhaps the other person. But it couldn’t be, right?

However, it became obvious, the constant compliments, the now slight awkwardness they display when making conversation, the gift-giving. With that, the guessing game comes to an end, the admired having figured out who the admirer truly likes, and the confession begins. A long paragraph later, and they’re dating, but not before excitedly going over past events that had led up to this moment to their friends.

A skip of the heart won’t come close to fully depicting the enchantment washed over them, hands now coming together when strolling side by side, and arms crossing the other’s neck, the attraction present.

“xoxoxo- yours truly.”

Love is always the talk of the town, a topic people tend to be infatuated with, though not everyone who’s had a taste of sweet temptation for the heart has come out with a happily ever after. It may have been a mutual agreement, or the classic “it’s not you, it’s me.” Nevertheless, it’s never easy to cast aside the overwhelmingly giant part of the heart dedicated to that person over any span of time.

Buckets of ice cream, netflix, and uncomfortable yet empathetic friends flock to your side, soaking up the discarded pieces of a lost beloved, one by one. All in all, it could have taken place with wails and tears or a sadistic “good riddance.” But let’s take the classic route of a sobbing individual for now.

The one having been dumped will seek revenge sometime in the future, disappointed they couldn’t fulfill one they loved, yet angry that they gave up that “hot bod” for another. Even if an agreement to be friends is reached, another message will emerge, blaming the other for an occurrence that had plagued their life.

Any sadness or happiness is then replaced with irritation. The obvious answer to a problem like this is to… block the person on every form of communication known on the current phone. After that, just ignore them like the piece of trash they are, or continue to rant about them like the petty person this world needs.

“How do you like that mother fu….”

Escape, the only thing desired in this circumstance. The continual whimpering behind the metal door of the confining room, a rag cladded person with outgrown hair. The walls etched with the desperate scratches by bloodied nails, worn down to stubs. In spite of the effort, the only key can only be inserted from the outside, but never has it been attempted, the usual solution to quell the despair inside.

Two streaming paths of tears down from each eye, staining the face with an unnatural glisten. Clumps of hair grasped by balled fists, with the choking of bitter tasting spit and salty tears. When forced to eat, the pungent flavor of blandness overwhelms all of the above, but why eat when the option of curling up into a ball remains?

Even the idea of speaking to friends as they attempt to discover the cause of their comrade’s broken down state (or they could be idiots with multiple blind eyes) is uncomfortable. Silence compliments the mood, if not, melodic and calm songs will be heard.

“Can I go anywhere else besides here?” The extreme can be the decision to end what fate had in store early, whether the journey to the afterlife is true remains unknown. “If only you could have helped.”

Featured Image – image OpenClipart – Vectors 2017© (CC0)