So Red Riding Hood Has Fallen for the Wolf After All (Scarlet Book Review)(Minor Spoilers Ahead)

Hey story fanatics! Long time no see! For today’s post, I’m back with another book review. I know what you’re thinking… Finally psychfinale I never thought you were going to post another one of these! To that, I say don’t worry because I have read over these books multiple times and I want to be able to spread the joy I felt when reading them.

Scarlet is the second book in The Lunar Chronicles series, in which it is a sequel to Cinder. This book is a science fiction that includes romance and dystopian worlds. I would highly recommend it for readers between the ages of 14-20, though technically, any age group can read it. Like the previous book, Marissa Meyer is the author, incorporating her creative, yet violent worlds yet again. Despite new characters being introduced, and their presence being enhanced in this book, Marissa did not leave the previous characters out. Instead, they served to play roles that further drove the story.

As the book suggests, the character introduced is Scarlet, the counterpart of Red Riding Hood. However, with Red Riding Hood present, the Big Bad Wolf cannot be far behind. In this case, the Big Bad Wolf turns out to be an adorable yet awkward fighter going by the name of Wolf, but his real name is unknown towards the beginning. Unlike the classic fairytale, Meyer placed a common yet satisfying twist, where Scarlet and Wolf display instant chemistry when meeting each other for the first time. Throughout the story, their relationship deepens and we can see how even the Big Bad Wolf has a hidden and heartbreaking past. In addition to Scarlet and Wolf, a multitude of characters are introduced, such as Throne, Wolf’s brother, and other thaumaturges (authorities of the Lunar government).

In my opinion, Scarlet flows extremely well, but is generally more calm and less blood-curdling than Cinder. Cinder was based on the tale of Cinderella, where readers can expect the cruel treatment Cinder, the main character, will receive from her family. Though Red Riding Hood’s plot is generally still intact, it focuses on both the journey for Scarlet to reach her grandmother, but what the tough, female heroine will feel for her classic mortal enemy. I cannot stress how good this book is, but it may not be too exciting for readers who usually read action-packed novels. In this case, I am one of those readers, in which I believe that this book receives a 4/5 only because I wished there was an event that really punched me in the guts and caused me to feel a strong emotion towards the characters, whether it’s pain or happiness. The reason for this is because the characters are all living in a dystopian world, where danger lurks at almost every corner.

Overall, I fully recommend you guys to pick this book up at your nearest bookstores since it consists of a well-written plot and an all-around interesting concept. It’s also quite noticeable since it consists of a black background with a red cloak spanning across, which is pretty mesmerising.


A Cyborg Cinderella? Sign Me Up!

First off, sorry for disappearing like that story fanatics! It’s been a hectic week, I mean an accelerated bio quiz isn’t something to be taken lightly… So, for this week’s post, I’m going to do a review on Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Now, Cinder is the first book out of the 4 main novels. When I stumbled upon this book in Target, I was immediately drawn to it by its beautiful cover, but it was the summary that sparked my interest in the book even more so. It discussed about a girl named Cinder and the struggles she is enduring and would have to continue facing, all while being a cyborg. The book itself, sets up a world where technology has advanced far beyond our current world, in which cyborgs have been created, complete with wires that can reach to their eyes as well. There are also androids, spaceships, and a colony full of “gifted” people on the moon. The way Marissa Meyer wrote the story, helped me imagine myself in the world itself, and more importantly, in Cinder’s shoes. The novel takes place in New Beijing and a few twists were that a deadly disease called Letumosis was spreading throughout the country, as well as a strained relationship with the Lunar Queen.

I’d have to say that I’m not a huge fan of romance, so when I read about Cinder and Kai (Cinder’s love interest) meeting for the first time, I wasn’t overly excited because it was pretty typical for the princess to find love at the end of the book/story. However, in this case, Cinder didn’t want anything to do with love because she was a cyborg, yet as the story continued, she can’t help her feelings towards the prince as he continues to shower her with compliments. This makes me interested in the blooming relationship between them and excited to read about the turn of events that would further lead to the realizations of their feelings for one another.

Regarding the ending of the book, it left me in such suspense, that I couldn’t wait to read the next book! I would surely rate this a 5/5 and I hope that all of you story fanatics out there would give this book and even this series a try because you will be mind blown.

Remember, just go where your imagination takes you and new worlds will reveal themselves. See you all next time!

Androids, Fairy Tale Characters, Lunar Queen, Oh My!

Okay story fanatics, it’s time to introduce my favorite book series EVER! Drumroll please! *ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum-ba-dum*


The Lunar Chronicles is a fantasy science fiction series containing romance, action packed scenes, and dystopian and utopian worlds. There are 5 main books and 1 that contains a series of short stories relating to the different characters. They are mainly about Cinder, a cyborg, and her plot to overthrow an evil Lunar Queen with the help of other fairy tale characters such as Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rapunzel. They all exist in a world where there androids, cyborgs, and lunar species living together with humans. I highly recommend these series to all you readers out there and comment on what you think about them, whether you liked them or not! I’ll be posting reviews on each individual books as well as discussing theories or how I hoped they would’ve ended instead. Until next time!